29 March 2010

29 03 2010

Normally I would be spending today with Kes.  It is often his day off.  One of his coworkers got married, and got stuck in the airport, though, so Kes is at work and I’m watching Torchwood.  It definitely has a different vibe from Dr. Who, but I find it to be enjoyable.  I tried watching some of the earlier Dr. Who iterations (from before it was brought back with Chris Eccleston), but I wasn’t as drawn into it.  I enjoyed The Three Doctors, for example, but the experience of the show is so different.

I might actually go to sleep before the sun sets today.  I’ve been staying up until it’s dark, but that’s making me really tired.  Hopefully I can get my schedule straightened out so I will function normally.

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is still coming slowly, even though relatively interesting things are happening.  I doubt it’s possible for me to finish reading that and/or Gateway by the end of the month like I planned, so I may move on to a different book for awhile.  Probably something I have on my Nook.

Happy almost Passover (the sun is still up).


Staying indoors

20 03 2010

It turns out it is snowing…  It rained all night and morning, and recently began sleeting and snowing.  With all the wet, my ceiling is leaking again, even after the roof was replaced.  Now it’s in my living room instead of just my kitchen, though.

Yuck, what a gross weekend outside.  Fortunately, I have Hikaru no Go and Dr. Who to watch.  (I’m watching the first season of Dr. Who that has David Tennant as the Doctor.)

I read a bit more Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.  I’m at the beginning of Book 2 now.  It finally feels like the book itself is beginning.  I’m not sure why it feels like such a slow read.

Weekend 13 March 2010

13 03 2010

I’ve gotten a little further in Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell The book almost feels like it has started.  I’m pretty sure I’m about to meet the second titular character.

Slow, but steady progress in knitting, I suppose.  Four panels instead of just three.

I watched all of The Blues Brothers for the first time today.  I loved it!  I commented to Kes that their concert reminded me of The Sound of Music. They let them finish their show before taking them into custody, but it’s not Nazis this time.  Then I realized there were Nazis after them in The Blues Brothers.  Amusing, but not a big correlation between the two movies.

For the past month or so I haven’t been playing many video games.  I’m getting back in the groove, though.  Yesterday, I played some Civ IV.  It seems like it could be an enjoyable game, but I’m pretty bad at it, and don’t really understand the intricacies of gameplay.  Today I replayed the end of  Mass Effect so I finally had a save file to import into Mass Effect 2.  Playing through the first part of Mass Effect 2 with the “cannon” story was awful for me because my character was not a terrible person, whereas apparently cannon Commander Shepard is.  I hated going around places and people hating on me for letting certain people die, or people who were supposed to be dead coming up to me and complaining at me.  Ugh.  Now I feel like I can experience the game properly.

My internet was out for a large chunk of today, yikes!  Honestly, it didn’t affect me too much.  It was mostly out while I showered, had lunch, watched The Blues Brothers, and knitted.  I was a little worried it wouldn’t be up in time for me to make a blog entry, but here it is!

Daily Progress 11 March 2010

11 03 2010

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
is coming slowly for me.  I’m on page 99 now, but still don’t have much to discuss.  In addition to wanting to avoid spoilers, I don’t feel like I’ve settled into the book yet.  I enjoy the writing style, but I don’t feel like I’m getting to know the characters well.  I’m not sure if it’s the narrator’s point of view, and/or if the author is revealing the characters slowly on purpose.  I am definitely intrigued enough to want to learn more about the characters.

I watched seasons 1 and 2 of The Guild on Netflix streaming.  This is the first I’ve seen of the series.  On Netflix, each season is compiled into a single video, which was really nice for viewing.
As blasphemous as some people may find it, I prefer trade paperback compilations of comics to picking up each issue as they come out.  I get irritated enough with books that end each chapter on a cliffhanger, only to switch to another character’s point of view for the next chapter.  Overall, I prefer experiencing a whole story at once.  I think this preference extends to The Guild.  That is, I am not sure I could have gotten into the story if I had started watching it when it was coming out, so I’m glad I was able to watch seasons 1 and 2 straight through.


blanket panels

current blanket panels

I have 3 panels of my knit blanket completed, and am working on a 4th. Honestly, it’s coming more slowly than I expected. When Ashlyn and I first started knitting in Governor’s School, I feel like we finished a whole scarf or hat every day. These panels don’t even add up to half a scarf. It’s true that I haven’t knitted for awhile, so I’m getting back in the groove, but it’s also possible that I’m remembering incorrectly.

04 March 2010

4 03 2010

The weather is nice out today (about 55F), so I walked to Harps to pick up 2lb of strawberries for food day at work tomorrow.  I’m trying to be more active, so it was nice to get outside and have a brisk walk.  Enjoying the sun was also nice.  I probably fill my “nerd” stereotype a bit too much regarding never seeing the sun.

I’m about halfway through chapter 2 of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. While I haven’t gotten far in the book, I am enjoying it immensely.  One thing I find particularly amusing are the footnotes.  In general I find footnotes to be both amusing and enjoyable in fiction.  At the moment the main one other than Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell that comes to mind is Good Omens, but I’m pretty sure I’ve enjoyed footnotes in other books as well.

My plans for this evening include picking up some dinner for myself and a friend, then chilling at his house while watching Top Gear.  As little as I know about cars, I find both Top Gear and Car Talk incredibly enjoyable.  Maybe I secretly have a passion for cars, but I just won’t tell myself.

Today my dad pointed me toward an Engadget article about an $85 netbook. It’s certainly limited (tiny screen, non-Atom processor, etc.), but at $85, I don’t see any reason not to at least check it out.  It seems like it would be great for a student, or anyone who needs to take notes on a regular basis.  Regarding application capabilities and such, it seems more like a mobile phone than a laptop.  To be fair, though, mobile phones can do quite a bit these days.

(until next time)

Currently Reading

3 03 2010

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, and Gateway

“Currently reading” may be a bit misleading as a title.  I have not begun reading either book.  I plan on starting to read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell tonight, and my goal is to finish reading both books by the end of the month at the latest. It would be more accurate to say “about to read,” but that sounds noncommittal to me.

At any rate, I hope to be getting deep into these books as soon as possible.

Some might wonder why I am reading two hard copy books.  While I’m continuing to use my nook, Kes is loaning me Gateway, and as far as I can tell, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell isn’t available as an ebook.  I’m finding it irritatingly common that the books I’m interested in reading are not available digitally.  This may have something to do with my interest in science fiction.  It’s my impression that most science fiction writers benefit very little from digital books as compared to writers of other genres, and many of these sci-fi authors are against their use.  Ursula K Le Guin is notably against Google Books, for example (not that I feel free online books and pay online books are the same, but digital piracy frightens a lot of people).

I am trying a different blog theme.  This is a fixed-width theme as opposed to a flexible-width one.  I would like a flexible-width theme, but I think I prefer the way this one looks otherwise.  Since I’ve only recently begun the blog, I’m sure its appearance will be in flux for awhile.

Thanks for any and all comments, by the way.  They are appreciated.

I will conclude with an Esperanto phrase of the day, which I chose from Lernu while learning about useful phrases:

Pardonu mi devas foriri. – Pardon, I have to leave.