More Realistic

20 04 2010

It’s probably going to be more realistic for me to aim for two blog posts a week.  I’m still getting a feel for what works for me.  I’m also probably going to be messing around with the layout still/again as well.

Update on my life:
Kes and I went to Lennie’s Sub Shop for hot sandwiches on Saturday, then went to see Kickass.  While I personally enjoyed the movie a lot, I have reservations about recommending it across the board.  It’s pretty violent, and has possibly offensive language (uttered by children for the most part), and so is definitely not a movie for everyone.  However, it’s definitely adrenaline-pumping if you like over-the-top action.  There are also a lot of comic book references that add [even more] humor to the movie.  I was most apprehensive about Nicholas Cage’s performance, but I think he did a good job.  I will agree with most of the reviews I’ve seen and say Hit Girl was a much more interest/exciting/memorable than Kickass himself.  For me, the draw was a mix between her impressive fighting skills, and a morbid fascination with a child using such vulgar language and ridiculous violence.

I know I keep saying it, but I am working on some creative writing to post.  The plan is to complete a short scene from the library in the repurposed missile silo story.  On its completion I will decide if I want to keep toying around with ideas for that story, or if I want to work on something else.


Currently Reading

3 03 2010

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, and Gateway

“Currently reading” may be a bit misleading as a title.  I have not begun reading either book.  I plan on starting to read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell tonight, and my goal is to finish reading both books by the end of the month at the latest. It would be more accurate to say “about to read,” but that sounds noncommittal to me.

At any rate, I hope to be getting deep into these books as soon as possible.

Some might wonder why I am reading two hard copy books.  While I’m continuing to use my nook, Kes is loaning me Gateway, and as far as I can tell, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell isn’t available as an ebook.  I’m finding it irritatingly common that the books I’m interested in reading are not available digitally.  This may have something to do with my interest in science fiction.  It’s my impression that most science fiction writers benefit very little from digital books as compared to writers of other genres, and many of these sci-fi authors are against their use.  Ursula K Le Guin is notably against Google Books, for example (not that I feel free online books and pay online books are the same, but digital piracy frightens a lot of people).

I am trying a different blog theme.  This is a fixed-width theme as opposed to a flexible-width one.  I would like a flexible-width theme, but I think I prefer the way this one looks otherwise.  Since I’ve only recently begun the blog, I’m sure its appearance will be in flux for awhile.

Thanks for any and all comments, by the way.  They are appreciated.

I will conclude with an Esperanto phrase of the day, which I chose from Lernu while learning about useful phrases:

Pardonu mi devas foriri. – Pardon, I have to leave.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

1 03 2010

Whew.  That was a much busier weekend than I normally have.  I’m trying in general to do more with my day, though.  After work I met up with Kes, and we went shopping for a new book for him, and groceries for me.  He picked up Cryptonomicon, while I picked up some deli meat and cheese, as well as the ingredients for chicken tetrazinni.  To be honest, cooking this has been a lot more work than I expected.  I always forget how long it takes for liquid to thicken while cooking it on the stove.

I am not sure what I want to be reading right now.  I’m currently rereading American Gods, and have recently finished Rendezvous with Rama. I am not sure if I want to read more science fiction, like Gateway, or if I want to go more a fantasy route.  I would like to reread A Game of Thrones so I can discuss it with Kes, but I don’t want to continue largely rereading books rather than broadening my library.

Tomorrow, I think Kes and I are going to go ice skating at the Jones Center.  Hopefully I’ll remember to take my camera and take some pictures.  I’m still terrified of falling on the ice.