28 02 2010

This (Saturday) morning I automatically woke up at 6AM, and we hit the road by about 8AM.  It is now 1:18 AM, Sunday.  Unfortunately, this long day meant I had great difficulty staying awake in the dark theatre during the opera at 8 this evening.  What I was conscious for, I really enjoyed.  When else am I going to see choreography from a Lady Gaga music video implemented in an opera?

I still feel guilty because I really wanted to fully experience the show.  I won’t be able to watch the whole thing because even though we planned on going to tomorrow’s matinee, it is an hour later than we expected.  That crossed the line for being too late for us to get home at a reasonable time, so we will be heading out before the show instead.  On the plus side, I got to spend a lot more time with my sister than I often do when we visit.  We were never close while growing up, but I’m enjoying learning about the person into whom she’s grown.  It turns out she’s pretty cool.


Good Day

26 02 2010

Today I had a long day at work, left my ID badge (which is also my key into the building) on my desk and had to return to get it, have a clogged toilet, have an uncooperative vacuum, and it is still a good day.

Maybe it was the cake . . .


I’ve been cleaning off and on throughout the week in preparation for my parents spending the night on our way to see my sister.  I picked up some oatmeal and blueberries for us to have for breakfast before we get on the road in the morning.

I am excited to be seeing family this weekend, especially since I’m getting to see the opera on which my younger sister is the assistant director.  We plan on seeing the show twice; once on Saturday, and again on Sunday to see her good friends perform.

‘ll be spending my whole weekend away from home for the first time in awhile.  I expect it to be refreshing.  However, the weekend is when I get to spend any substantial time with my boyfriend, so I will definitely miss him.  It’s kind of rough working such disparate schedules, but I’m definitely glad we both have jobs.

Since I will have limited computer/internet access tomorrow, my entry may be quite brief (not that my posts have been very long so far).  Still, I plan on making some sort of post.  If nothing else, I am bringing a notebook, and will write in there, and will blog it when I have access.

Brainstorm: repurposed missile silo

25 02 2010

What would it be like to live in a re-purposed missile silo?


I like the article author’s idea of replacing the house with a bubble/dome
Lower levels of silo: catacombs? library archives? I like a giant library
How far in the future is this?  No more than 20 years
Is there anything growing inside? Hydroponics? –> Is there any reason to go outside
How do bathrooms work?
Is it a family or community living there? No more than 4 families
Did they re-purpose it, or did they get it that way?
A constant 55 degrees sounds cold


24 02 2010

I’m borrowing old sentence starters from Colony of Gamers to try to get my creative juices flowing.
This sentence starter can be found here in its original form, and the word count goal is 150.

He overturned tables, smashed furniture, bringing to a boil the full extent of his fury.

Dennis threw down his mouse in disgust.  Creating a home for his avatar wasn’t going very well.

Why wouldn’t the walls line up properly?  All he wanted to do was build a snug virtual cabin to retreat to when he was tired of gaming for awhile.  There was no way he could relax when he could see simulated sunlight streaming in every place walls met floor or ceiling.

Perhaps he should just go with one of the templates.  None were as unique as he wanted, but at least snippets of the outdoors wouldn’t be streaming into his avatar’s home.  He considered the possibility of a chrome cube as his relaxation retreat.  Interior touches would make it his own; perhaps he could even add a unique texture to the exterior.

No, that wouldn’t do.  Sighing, Dennis settled down, his avatar now sitting amongst the furniture debris, for another hour of trying to line up his southwest wall with the floor.  Maybe he should have built the exterior before adding furniture to his floor plan.

(Word count: 188)

I’m still finding it rough to write much, especially fiction, so bear with me.


24 02 2010

I’m working on a blog for a few reasons.  First, my Lenten commitment this year is to use my gifts more often.  Specifically, I am trying to write daily.  Fiction, non-fiction, a letter, whatever.  I figure this will be good for me because I will be preventing skills from atrophying as I work an entry-level desk job, and because I have started reading a lot again.  I think writing helps me both better appreciate and better understand the books I read.  I’m also hoping I can use this blog to keep in touch with a dear friend who is moving away.  In the past we traded a journal back and forth, and I would like to revive my end in an online format.

Hopefully I’ll come up with a more fitting name for this blog than the current name, “Demon Grocer.”  It is a title that popped into my head on my commute home while I tried to think of topics for a ficly story.  I’m still struggling at developing story ideas, but the name originally stemmed from me contemplating some people’s distaste for Walmart.  From there, I tried to imagine a way to portray vegetables bathed in the red, quavering light of the checkout scanner in a demonic way, but I have had no success expanding beyond the basic picture in my head.

I don’t actually have a ficly account at this juncture, but several of my friends do, and I’m hoping to utilize it for both my Lenten goal, and my own enjoyment.

Undoubtedly posts will be rambling and/or brief, with little focus, at least until I get a feel for my own voice, and for what I want to express.