Weekend 13 March 2010

13 03 2010

I’ve gotten a little further in Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell The book almost feels like it has started.  I’m pretty sure I’m about to meet the second titular character.

Slow, but steady progress in knitting, I suppose.  Four panels instead of just three.

I watched all of The Blues Brothers for the first time today.  I loved it!  I commented to Kes that their concert reminded me of The Sound of Music. They let them finish their show before taking them into custody, but it’s not Nazis this time.  Then I realized there were Nazis after them in The Blues Brothers.  Amusing, but not a big correlation between the two movies.

For the past month or so I haven’t been playing many video games.  I’m getting back in the groove, though.  Yesterday, I played some Civ IV.  It seems like it could be an enjoyable game, but I’m pretty bad at it, and don’t really understand the intricacies of gameplay.  Today I replayed the end of  Mass Effect so I finally had a save file to import into Mass Effect 2.  Playing through the first part of Mass Effect 2 with the “cannon” story was awful for me because my character was not a terrible person, whereas apparently cannon Commander Shepard is.  I hated going around places and people hating on me for letting certain people die, or people who were supposed to be dead coming up to me and complaining at me.  Ugh.  Now I feel like I can experience the game properly.

My internet was out for a large chunk of today, yikes!  Honestly, it didn’t affect me too much.  It was mostly out while I showered, had lunch, watched The Blues Brothers, and knitted.  I was a little worried it wouldn’t be up in time for me to make a blog entry, but here it is!


Daily Progress 11 March 2010

11 03 2010

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
is coming slowly for me.  I’m on page 99 now, but still don’t have much to discuss.  In addition to wanting to avoid spoilers, I don’t feel like I’ve settled into the book yet.  I enjoy the writing style, but I don’t feel like I’m getting to know the characters well.  I’m not sure if it’s the narrator’s point of view, and/or if the author is revealing the characters slowly on purpose.  I am definitely intrigued enough to want to learn more about the characters.

I watched seasons 1 and 2 of The Guild on Netflix streaming.  This is the first I’ve seen of the series.  On Netflix, each season is compiled into a single video, which was really nice for viewing.
As blasphemous as some people may find it, I prefer trade paperback compilations of comics to picking up each issue as they come out.  I get irritated enough with books that end each chapter on a cliffhanger, only to switch to another character’s point of view for the next chapter.  Overall, I prefer experiencing a whole story at once.  I think this preference extends to The Guild.  That is, I am not sure I could have gotten into the story if I had started watching it when it was coming out, so I’m glad I was able to watch seasons 1 and 2 straight through.


blanket panels

current blanket panels

I have 3 panels of my knit blanket completed, and am working on a 4th. Honestly, it’s coming more slowly than I expected. When Ashlyn and I first started knitting in Governor’s School, I feel like we finished a whole scarf or hat every day. These panels don’t even add up to half a scarf. It’s true that I haven’t knitted for awhile, so I’m getting back in the groove, but it’s also possible that I’m remembering incorrectly.


9 03 2010

Not much out of the norm today.  I had a busy day at work.  Then, on my way home, I dropped the Kindle cover off at the post office (wow, their parking lot is WAY too small).  Kes and I grabbed some groceries, then headed back to my place to watch last night’s episode of Castle on Hulu.  We also caught up on Caprica, though I still have mixed feelings about that show.  While watching the latest episode, I showed Kes how to knit.  We haven’t gotten to how to purl or bind off yet, but he can cast on and knit decently.  He has some frustrations with dropping/adding stitches, but that seems to be the norm with learning how to knit. He seemed to pick it up quickly in general, so I’m sure that if he continues to have interest in knitting, he’ll improve quickly.

Since then, I’ve mostly been relaxing while watching Kes play Mass Effect 2, and working on my new knitting project.  My plan is to knit panels, then stitch them together into a quilt-like blanket.  I’m just doing a basic stocking net.  I’d rather go simple and actually finish a big project like a blanket than do one or two really intricate panels and burn out.

what has occupied my day

The one panel I’ve finished is mostly hidden by the scissors and balls of yarn, but I had set the knitting down on the table, and thought it would be a cute snapshot of what I’ve been up to lately.  I’m still only to about page 71 in Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, so nothing to update on my opinion of the book.

By the way, for anyone with extra jeans they aren’t donating to a community group, and/or who shops at the GAP, I caught an article at Treehugger about the GAP taking up jeans for recycling now through March 14.  They will make them into insulation.  If you don’t care about reducing waste and recycling, or about making insulation to donate to needy communities, you may still be interested in this initiative because people who donate their old denim get a discount on new GAP jeans.