Stuck in the Car

1 04 2010

I always babble about the weather like a person who doesn’t know how to carry on a conversation.  Whew.  It got up to 86F today.  It was so beautiful and sunny outside, and I was stuck in my car.  Not stuck as in locked in, of course; stuck as in needing to drive the 4.5 hours back home.

When I was younger, I had a dream in which I got stuck in a car.  I was at the mall with my family, and had gotten into our minivan.  The doors all shut themselves, and I couldn’t get out of any door.  The car started driving of its own accord, and I couldn’t wrestle the steering wheel away from this invisible force.  The dream ended with me in the back of the van, staring out of the rear windshield as my family faded into the distance.

Dad Taking Questions at the End of His Presentation

It was great being able to see my dad’s presentation, and seeing him receive his award.  He did a wonderful job.  It was nice being able to see people who attended.  I don’t make it out to my parents’ very often, and I rarely see people I know from the area, so I really enjoyed the opportunity to say ‘hi.’

I didn’t really think ahead to take Friday off in addition to Thursday so I could stay with my parents through Easter.  I’m a little disappointed, but I am glad that I will have great things to do this weekend with friends. I would like to bask in the sun now that I’m not confined to my car over the course of the weekend.  Too bad it’s going to rain.


Predator, Plans, and Passover

30 03 2010

It was 75F today, so Kes and I went down to Dickson for some food, and walked around for a bit.  Because Predators is coming out this year, Kes wanted me to watch Predator (since I’d never seen it before), so I watched that this evening.  It wasn’t too bad.  I can definitely see how a lot of people would love it.  Not really my thing, though.  I don’t mind going to see Predators in theatres with everyone, but it’s not a movie about which I’m super-excited.

Tomorrow I’m headed to my parents’ because my dad got a teaching award!  He’s going to make a presentation Thursday, so I will be present for that and the luncheon.  It will be nice to see family for a little bit.

I got invited to a friend’s Passover Seder.  Hopefully I can go.  I have gotten a lot out of the past two times I attended a Seder with her.  I’m just worried about being a little tired since it will be Saturday evening, and is out of town a bit.  We might also go see Clash of the Titans Easter afternoon, so it sounds like I will have a full weekend.