Hot Tea

28 04 2010

For the most part, I prefer to drink water (though I do drink juice and sodas on occasion).  Unfortunately, sometimes it gets chilly, and I’ve been considering various hot beverages.

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While my go-to hot beverage is usually hot cocoa, I am hoping to find something healthier to drink instead.  I’ve never acquired a taste for either coffee or tea.  I tried some coffee at my dad’s award luncheon awhile back, but I’m resistant to acquiring a taste to coffee because (a) I don’t want to get addicted to caffeine (though I could get decaffeinated), and (b) it kind of hurts my stomach.  As a result, I’m trying tea.  With my breakfast this morning, I had decaffeinated chai tea from Stash, which I picked up from Harps.

The verdict:  For some reason, I always expect tea to be stronger/heartier.  So far, I’m still not enjoying drinking it.  It smells heavenly (ingredients include cinnamon, ginger, clove, nutmeg and cardamom), but wasn’t strongly flavorful.

I “brewed” the tea in my mug for 8 minutes (over twice the recommended length), and it still tasted watery to me.  This is not a slight against this type or brand of tea, it’s my impression of tea in general, unless it has large amounts of something unhealthy like milk in it (like a chai tea latte).  I liked the spices I could taste, and I enjoyed the flavor of dipping oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in my tea.  I think I’m going to keep making myself tea on these chilly spring mornings (it was about 39F this morning).  We’ll see if I start to like it.




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29 04 2010

For some reason you always struck me as a tea person. I pretty much have the exact same problem (love hot chocolate, like coffee but it hurts my stomach and I don’t want to get hooked, tea is flavorless and bitter without so much sugar it’s just as bad as hot chocolate).
Have you ever had Indian chai? I keep meaning to get some.. The big thing for me with that is that it has milk so it feels creamier and more filling. You get the black tea bags from an international store, you make it with milk and water (whatever ratio you want, I think my dad would do 2/3 water 1/3 milk), and add sugar (or splenda or whatever) and cinnamon or ginger is good too.

29 04 2010

oh man, I love tea, since I’ve started trying to cut down on the amount of caffeinate sodas I drink I’ve been pretty much subsisting on iced tea for the last few months. If you like a more flavorful tea I would second shivani’s reccomendation of black teas with milk. There’s a tearoom here in columbia that makes the most amazing handmade teas, I could get you a bag to try if you’d like. You’d need a tea ball or strainer to make it since they don’t come in bags but the flavor is so much more intense than your average teabag tea. They make one called Valentine Dessert that tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry, I’m not kidding, it’s awesome.

29 04 2010

I don’t understand. If you don’t like tea why are you drinking it? It seems like you already like hot cocoa. Did you know that it doesn’t have to be unhealthy? Here are some links about the topic:

fyi, I am not an adbot. I promise.

2 05 2010

I’ll have to check into those. Thanks!

16 06 2010

Tea is what keeps me on an even keel, mostly from habit. I’ve been drinking hot tea as a child and now I drink it to relax and just get cozy on a rainy day with a book or to help me get into my happy place at work. I hope you weren’t turned off too soon to the experience of tea! 🙂

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