Healthy Habits

6 04 2010

Kes moved the stationary bike to the living room today.  It has been in the spare bedroom, which made it even more difficult to work up the gumption to use it.  To celebrate, I rode for 20 min while Kes watched Arrested Development.  I’m still working on developing/keeping healthy habits, so hopefully having it in the living room will be one more motivation.

On the unhealthy side, I nearly always eat processed food for lunch.  One way I’m trying to be healthier is by trying to eat less processed food.  In pursuit of that goal, I have packed both breakfast and lunch for tomorrow (I go to work early enough that it’s easiest to eat breakfast at work rather than at home).

Quesadilla: 1 whole grain “soft taco” tortilla, small amount of low fat cheddar cheese, thin spread of pesto, and chopped chicken breast

noodle dish:  about 1/3 brick of ramen noodles soaked in water until softened then tossed in about 1/4 teaspoon sesame seed oil, cubed chicken breast, peas, and minced garlic
salad:  baby spinach, button mushrooms, with a side of basil parmesan vinaigrette
fruit side: avocado (I originally planned on having a clementine orange, but I didn’t realize we were out)
treat: mangorind candy

This is also a test to see if/how much the lunch degrades by the time I eat it tomorrow.




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6 04 2010

The part most in peril is probably the avocado. Acid helps, douse it in lime juice and it’ll hold up better overnight. 🙂 Commendable for trying to prep beforehand. I rarely do, and end up eating out while at work. :p

12 04 2010

I guess since you have a stationary bike this probably wouldn’t be too appealing but it is more mobile:
I got one of these and like it a lot (I found a used fitness goods store and got one for $40 with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, I wouldn’t recommend getting it without a trial period first). It was a bit complicated to get it set up at the desk properly (I basically had to switch to a non-spinning chair, turn myself sideways, and raise my keyboard on level with the monitor instead of on the little sliding shelf) but it would be much easier to use in front of the TV or while reading (just sit down on the couch, set it down in front of you, win). The resistance doesn’t go too high so I try to focus on pedaling faster instead. The resistance won’t really make you sweat but it will keep you warm and it can get your heart rate up depending on how fast you try to go.
I haven’t tried it this way (since I’m usually tanking jerks), but they also say you can use it with your hands for an arms+shoulders workout. It seems like it would be a nice full range motion and the resistance it can get is plenty for arms.

Also, garlic hummus (someone introduced me to tamari seaweed crackers to dip in it).

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