Thoughts on Repo Men

27 03 2010

Overall, I would recommend against watching Repo Men, or at least wait to rent on dvd/bluray.  While the acting was reasonable, the overall story was poor, in my opinion.  It was sluggish in too many places, and was bizarre in unenjoyable ways.  It definitely had one of the most bizarre sex scenes I’ve seen.  The ending also felt pretty weak.  I wouldn’t agree with some reviews I’ve read that the movie tried to be too deep and was heavy-handed with its message.  It felt more like an action sci-fi movie that lost its way somehow.  The action scenes weren’t too bad, if a bit gory.  It seemed like it could have been a reasonably fun movie, but fell short.




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28 03 2010

woo, i’m now subscribed!

check out these links and see if you want anything from the first two, and if you’d like to go to the third one. we want to go to the c2e2, but can’t afford to drive by ourselves. also, let jason know about the director from big trouble in little china that will be at the texas frightmare weekend (link 2).

29 03 2010

Hey! Haven’t heard from you in forever! Jason would be interested in an autograph from the director (assuming it’s reasonable). I hope you enjoy the cons 🙂

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