Dr. Who and PAX East

26 03 2010

I’m still devouring Dr. Who.  David Tennant is amazing.  I can’t believe he’s wanted to be the Doctor since he was 3.  Imagining that kind of dedication, to a goal, to his craft, is beyond me.  I admire him greatly (and am a bit celebrity infatuated).

Speaking of celebrity infatuation (I guess I’ve been having that a lot more lately), Kes and I are watching Repo Men tomorrow.  I’ve heard mixed things about it, but I would like to see what more Jude Law can do.  I’m pretty sure the only things I’ve seen him in are Sherlock Holmes and Gattaca, and I’d like to see more.

I’m slightly disappointed there was no chance of me being at PAX East this year.  I missed out on Wil Wheaton’s keynote (possibly more celebrity infatuation; geekiness is great and attractive, even if you’re “just” a geek), which I’m sure was amazing.  I also missed out on a chance to see wonderful friends.  I hope the experience is marvelous for everyone.  This past fall, I loved PAX, and I’m sure PAX East will be fantastic.




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29 03 2010

Wasn’t Jude Law in Skycaptain and AI?

29 03 2010

I have seen those! I forgot he was in them.

30 03 2010

Hello! I, too, admire David Tennant’s dedication and determination. It just shows what you can do when you set your mind to it.

It’s lovely that he wanted to do something like Doctor Who because he’s actually a classically-trained actor.

I’m an actor, too – but not like him, alas! Oh well. He has, however, inspired me to go for it for REAL – I really do want to turn pro. He’s certainly inspired me.

Now, all I need is a bit of his dedication…

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