18 March 2010

18 03 2010

Today was nice and sunny outside, and got up to 60F, so I took about an hour long walk while listening to Hobbes’ Leviathan on my iPod.  I have to say, it’s a lot more difficult to comprehend listening to it versus reading it.  Even when I read something like this, I find myself going back and rereading so I can wrap my head around what the author is trying to express.  It’s even more difficult when I’m just listening to it.  I’ve only gotten to the beginning of chapter 4, and listened to each preceding chapter twice in a row.  I’m not really sure what to think of it.  I’ve read excerpts before for class, but I’m not recognizing what I’m listening to so far.  It seems like Hobbes is going on and on about physical things like inertia and heat, and either likening them to, or pinpointing them as causes of, senses, dreams, imagination, etc.  It’s really very dry.  The volunteer reader is very good, though, especially compared to some of the other readers I’ve experienced from Librivox.  It’s also nice that it seems to be the same reader for every chapter so far.  It’s kind of jarring when Librivox has different people read different chapters of a book (though I understand that since all the readers are volunteers and reading an audiobooks is a demanding undertaking, having volunteers only commit to small snippets is logical).

I picked up MC Frontalot’s new album today.  I got to download the mp3s from the site, and my physical CD should arrive sometime in April.  I found out it was coming out because I’ve been reading more blogs lately, including Jhonen Vasquez’s.  I noticed Jhonen did the cover art for the album, and hopped over to MC Frontalot’s page to see when it was coming out.  Since it’s available for order now, I decided to pick it up.




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18 03 2010
Paul Bube

Hobbes spends a lot of the first part of the book laying out his theory of human nature which will culminate in psychological egoism. The fact that he wrote 200 years ago doesn’t help with making his English understandable today.

18 03 2010

I’m prone to skipping introductions, however you will not want to do that on this one. You may think this is tough to read, but I found it much better than war and peace (which I read directly afterwords). So hopefully that’ll make it not seem so tough.

18 03 2010

Ooh, I didn’t even know Frontalot had a new CD out, much less that Jhonen Vasquez did the cover art. Neat, something to put my itunes gift card towards perhaps. What’s the verdict on it?

19 03 2010

Dad and Tanner: It’s definitely going to take some work to get through. I’ll probably continue to use it as something to listen to while I exercise.

Irene: I like it a lot so far. You can download one of the tracks (“Your Friend Wil”) for free from the link if you want to try it out for yourself.

21 03 2010

So after reading this entry I went and found Jhonen Vasquez’s blog to see if it was worth reading…. dang that man is insane. I guess I should have expected it but still, I wasn’t expecting all his blogging to be just as crazy and random as his shows/comics.

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